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Comic book cover with title ExMag 4

Ex.Mag vol4

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EX.MAG is a limited-run comics anthology with a focus on narrative short stories that dive deep into genres we want to see more of. In volume 4, we will explore MECHA.

Peow loved everything that went in to and came out of Ex.Mag. It was Eisner-nominated and won a couple ignatz awards, ppl really enjoyed it, and it was fun to make. But we had also made the decision to close down PEOW forever this year, in 2022. We weren't sure if we were even going to make any more books...

But secretly, last year, Ex.Mag's editor, Wren McDonald got to work putting together a new MECHA themed volume, and it was so cool of course we had to publish it. It's BIGGER and has more features (like pull out posters), and longer comics. We had plans to do a kickstarter like the first 3 volumes, but due to some of KS's decisions we don't support, we decided to make our own crowdfunding campaign instead!

Our goal is 1400 pre-orders, funding during the period of Feb 1st to March 3rd, 8PM EST. PRE ORDER IS NOW CLOSED

Featuring comics from: AseynAyako OzakiBeto IrigoyenCasey NowakEmil Friis ErnstInkee WangLuca NegriSebastien SunstrumSimon RoyTatsumi

Illustrations by: Mony PichFelipe BolivarFu YukudaJan BuragayMathilde KittehHuahua Zhu

Article by : Sean O’Mara


Comic book spine title ExMag 4
Comic book spine title ExMag 4

Mecha is a sci-fi genre originating in manga and anime that centers around giant piloted humanoid machines. These machines can range from unique, superhero robots to realistic, mass-produced construction mechs. The genre is diverse and there’s no one defining theme. We wanted to see more of our favorite artists create stories that feature giant robots because it’s cool. And that’s what Ex.Mag 4 is all about.

The book production specs will be the same as the other Ex.mag titles, but MORE PAGES and some small tweaks that we are excited about. Because of production timelines, the book will only have one print run.

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Hey Ex.Mag readers! Have any questions, comments, fanart, or fanmail, about the comics, artists, Peow, etc? Send an email to wren@peowstudio.com and your letter might be featured in Ex.Mag vol 4!

About the project

For this project, our goal is to sell 1400 pre-orders of the book. The sales will cover the cost of advance payment to all artists involved in the book, and to cover printing and freight costs. Any additional pre-orders over 1400 will be split as a bonus to the artists involved, and to cover increased printing & freight costs for larger print runs.

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Questions can be sent to shop@peowstudio.com
Follow @peowstudio on IG & Twitter for updates

Comic book cover and back cover with title ExMag 4
Comic book spine title ExMag 4

We are still awaiting some bits of final artwork, and the book will be sent to the printers at the start of March once this pre-funding is wrapped up. Depending on the final count of the print run, it may take 2 - 3 months for printing and shipping to complete which means the book should ship out in MAY 2022. *** Do note that this date may change in case, but we will post updates on this site and on our twitter account @peowstudio

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