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Internal Affairs NEW!

By:Patrick Crotty
192 Pages, 2 color offset print
size: 15.2 x 21 cm

Follow a group of unpaid interns tasked with infiltrating an office complex and destroying a powerpoint presentation that could potentially ruin the world. Don't miss the most exciting self-help book ever!

160 sek + shipping

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Wrecked Hearts

By:Mathilde Kitteh & Luca Oliveri
152 Pages, 1 & 4 color offset print + Obi
size: 12,5 x 19 cm

Sci-fi Dark Shojo! Did you know people can have feelings in space! This book is 2 stories set in the Wrecked Ship universe, with shape shifting android-cats, hockey on Mars, high-school crushes, sexy dreams, and futuristic book production.

150 sek + shipping

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By: Guillaume Singelin
220 Pages, 2 & 4 color offset print
size: 18 x 23,5 cm

A massive book filled with illustrations from young master Gillaume S. The book has a full length commentary from the artist, giving his wisdom on how he got to be so cool at drawing. The book is beautiful.

220 sek + shipping

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SUPER Pond Smelt

By: Jane Mai
60 pages / 300dpi
Price: 2 USD+

The SUPER digital edition with 20 plus bonus pages!! Janey moves in to a new town with a bunch of animal people and tries to make new friends with a wolf. It's almost like in the game Animal Crossing. But life is hard, isn't it!

3 dollars / pay whatever! / gumroad link

The World

By: Valentine Seiche
76 pages, 3 color offset print
size: 17 x 23,5 cm

Valentin's latest book is an epic, it spans over a 1000 years! A beautiful book, slow paced, almost meditative and yet you can't wait to get to know more about The World. Comes with a set of 6 randomized collectable stickers and 8 sketch cards.


Bio Whale

By: Ville Kallio
100+ pages, Riso Blue & Pink
size: a5 custom + belly strap

Finnish comic artist Ville Kallio’s premier with PEOW is a super melty sci-fi trip about a secret military weapon gone haywire. Part action thriller, part trippy melancholia. Bio-Whale is presented in a special two-book package bound with an obi.



By: Jane Mai
88 pages Riso Purple
size: a5 custom

Soft is a dark summer romance story between Laura and her sudden and close relationship with a real Hong Kong Vampire. The news is reporting mysterious deaths of teenagers around the city while Laura is become more and more attached to her new friend. SPOOKY!


Lemon & Ket

By: Natalie Andrewson
40 pages Riso Blue & ORANGE
size: a5 custom

Lemon is a type of fruit! Ket is a tough girl! Together, they're the toughest! Bad people are stealing special soil from Ket's hometown, it's a travesty! Ket is gonna try to do something about it and things get dramatic! This is a great tiny adventure for everyone!


Devil's Slice of Life

By: Patrick Crotty
60 pages, 3 colors!
Size: Chibi a6

Have you ever wondered what small devils do all day? Maybe huh. Well this book is pretty much morning to evening of devil antics in the "Big City." See crazy stuff happen, like dog accidents, embarrassing dates, and people falling over. It's cute!


The Nature of Nature

By: Disa Wallander
52 pages Riso Teal & Orange
size: a5 custom

Follow a wild journalist as she questions nature in it's most natural setting. Asking the questions that everybody else is to afraid to ask, and drawing conclusions that no other person could fathom. A fantastic natural adventure in a beautiful book.



Olle F.
Screen Print Tote
Eco White Cotton

Do you need a bag to put stuff in. Sometimes you need that kind of thing. We have a bag with our favorite geology thing. A volcano! Drawn by Olle Forsslöf. It's great! (And free with big orders??)


New Frontier: Third Wheel

By: Hanna K
40 pages. 3c Cover 1c Insides
Size: A5 Custom

The first part of Hanna K's space saga! In the distant future of 2007, two orphan boys spend their days searching for food and hanging out. Until one night when a a mysterious accident changes everything...


MGCL _GRL + Spookbook

By: Mathilde Kitteh
32 pages. Riso print 2 colors + 2 foldy booklets, 4 colors
Size: 11cm x 16cm

A style magazine for magical girls and sad boys. Editor and creator M. Kitteh guides you through the lifestyle choices you have to face everyday. New edition comes with 2 Spook-books with great magical fashion cords!


Náva 2

By: Mikael Lopez & Olle Forsslof
32 pages. Riso print 4 colors
Size: A4 Custom

Part two of this new mythic epic tale. We follow a group of captives and their captors through the desert as they share fables with eachother and unfold the world they live in a little bit more…


Náva 1

By: Mikael Lopez & Olle Forsslof
32 pages. Riso print 2 colors
Size: A4 Custom

Reprinted with new colors and layout, this is the first part in the Nava series! A mythic quest that is very mystical. Contains gods, kids, cow, dog-people, conundrums and more.


Three Blades

By: Elliot Alfredius
24 pages. Riso print 7(!) colors
Size: Horizontal a5

Who is gonna win the swordfight?!?!? Elliot has collected a bunch of warriors in this one book, but they never fight for some reason. Maybe that's a good thing though?


Time Capsule #2

By: Various
60 Pages

The second issue of our Sci-Fi Anthology. This issue is a blue and red adventure with varied alternative sci-fi stories from Stathis Tsemberlidis, Wren Mcdonald, and Matt Sheean. STRANGE, SILLY, SPOOKY it's all here.


Internal Affairs

By: Patrick Crotty
32 pages. 4c Cover 2c Insides
Size: A5 Custom

This is the exciting story of "Onion", an intern in the big city. Being an intern is a tough job and Onion has to juggle gunfights, mechs, fancy parties and girlfriend problems! It's almost wild.


Wrecked Ship

By: Valentin Seiche
84 pages. Riso print 2 colors
Size: A5 Custom, PERFECT BOUND!
Price: 110 SEK + shipping.

Andre Melchoir is a finder. He finds odd things for his clients. But his last job has put in a kind of pickle, and he wishes that he could get back what he had once found. Deep space scavenger story this is... Contains the complete Wrecked Ship Series, episode 1 - 5!